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Act2 Theatre Company

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
Current Season 2005/2006
Past Season 2004/ 2005
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I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change is the hilarious musical comedy by Joe DiPietro and Jimmy Roberts and is in it’s 8th year at the Westside Theatre, in New York. A show that all will love, precisely why it is now the longest running Off-Broadway musical. The talented 4 actors play a wide variety of characters in male/female relationships.

The trials and tribulations of being single, dating, marriage, loss, and heartbreak are cleverly explored in this musical. I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change addresses everything in the relationship process that you have ever secretly thought about. Some of their satire includes what it means to be a part of the crazed, hopeless single scene; Cold feet and the pre-wedding realization; The in-laws; The 30 years of marriage…etc. Basically everything that you are afraid to admit.

Another claim to fame is that there have been many audience marriage proposals during the run of this show. They flaunt themselves as the most "proposal-friendly" musical in town. After watching this outstanding performance you will walk out feeling that nobody is perfect…and that is ok. And wondering if they were referring to you and your significant other when playing out the skits.